Wedding Cards Fonts

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Wedding Cards Fonts

Font is key when it comes to designing wedding cards; it sets the scene and communicates your theme effectively.

Script fonts are delicate and feminine, making them the ideal choice for wedding invitations. Additionally, these fonts make great seating charts or any other wedding signage.

Just Signature

Add a signature font to your design for an authentic aesthetic. These fonts can be used for posters, greeting cards, and other design projects that require professional touches – posters being the obvious example! – but also come in different styles and sizes that suit various personalities as well as being multilingual-friendly thanks to ligatures and swashes that add flexibility for languages other than your own.

Monsieur La Doulaise font is a monoline script font designed with a classic layout, ideal for vintage poster designs, wedding invitations, and more. Its variable line widths mimic traditional calligraphy’s natural variations while remaining easy to read; also compatible with most design software with just simple installations needed!

Sanchez font is an elegant handwriting-style font perfect for modern designs that need an artistic aesthetic. With fluid uppercase letters that have been given an informal handwritten touch and an extensive set of standard glyphs and stunning ligatures that provide it with a professional aesthetic, Sanchez offers stylish text that stands out in any project.


Halymoon is a stylish signature script font with an elegant and classy aesthetic, making it the ideal choice for wedding invitations and other designs. Featuring more than 180 glyphs to easily customize your designs, Halymoon boasts its trademark heart-shaped tail at the end of each stroke that adds romanticism.

Priscyla is another stunning wedding font, perfect for adding a personal touch to designs. Easy to read with lots of ligatures and alternate characters included, it is free for use and works on most platforms well.

This script font is ideal for wedding invitations, love letters, thank you cards, and any design needing a romantic feel. With its elegant lettering design and creative swashes, it makes a stand-out choice in wedding designs – as well as being suitable for creating minimalist business cards or stationery designs.

Valina Monogram

Valina Monogram is an eye-catching font with romantic heart-shaped letters to bring romance into any design project. Featuring swashes and alternate characters for a customized feel, this font can also help personalize any piece of stationary or reception signs you create – perfect for wedding invitations, stationery, and reception signs as well as greeting cards and quotes!

Fidelio is another fantastic font choice for creating unique wedding invitations, featuring swirly letters and elegant swashes in an eye-catching chancery script with Romanesque influences, perfect for creating eye-catching invitations or monogram logos.

Advice to help you choose the ideal monogram font for your wedding invitations: Before selecting any font, ensure it complements the design style of your design. Traditionally, monograms are created from initials of people’s names written first letter-last name-middle name-maiden name in that order.


Font selection is key when creating beautiful wedding invitations, and should reflect the overall theme and ambiance of your special event. Select fonts that complement the motif of your event while remaining easy to read while conveying romance.

No matter the style of wedding you are hosting, these card fonts offer elegant and romantic flair for invitations, menu cards, place settings, and other stationery. Choose from delicate scripts to geometric serifs – each will add an intimate and romantic charm that’ll impress guests at your celebration!

When selecting wedding fonts, a general guideline for selecting appropriate fonts is to pair contrasting styles together – for instance, combining Wanderlust’s slanted script font with more traditional serif fonts like Playfair Display will help create balance and visual interest.


Sending out invitations for your wedding can be one of the first steps, and choosing an appropriate font can set the scene perfectly. Cursive fonts offer more character to add or take away from overall designs – as an invitation could either set off an important scene or set one off altogether!

Wanderlust is an elegant calligraphy font with looping ascenders and descenders, elegant swash tails, and fantastic legibility – essential qualities in a cursive font! Perfect for wedding invitations.

If you prefer something less bold, Seniors Studio offers this modern sans serif font (opens in a new tab or window). Its sleek yet refined appearance makes it easy to read – ideal for wedding invitation text. Plus it comes equipped with uppers, lowers, numbers, punctuation marks, ligatures alternate letters swashes multilingual support!

ALS Script Font

ALS Syys is an elegant and sophisticated script font that will add an air of sophistication to any design. Boasting decorative swashes and intricate letterforms, it is particularly appropriate for wedding-related designs. Available for free download and compatible with various platforms and platforms – it offers exceptional legibility even at small sizes!

ALS Lamon is another captivating script font, featuring both uppercase letters as well as lowercase cursive ones and an assortment of symbols and punctuation. The uppercase letters feature bold brush strokes while the lowercase cursive letters can be smaller but still curviform – all this comes together for a balanced font suitable for multiple designs.

Script fonts add an air of uniqueness and individuality to designs, which makes them popular choices for invitations and greeting cards. Before selecting one for use in your designs, however, you must consider its purpose before selecting an appropriate script font and test various sizes to ensure legibility.


So, thank you for downloading the latest version of Wedding Cards Fonts from this page. We shared the official Wedding Cards Fonts to download free.

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