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Urban Fonts Download For Free

Urban Fonts are a unique kind of font category. The term has been inspired by urban culture as you could guess from the name. Since there is no single font for this category we are going to conclude some well-known Urban Fonts later.

These fonts have become popular in many regions of creative work. However, the majority of popular Urban Fonts came in around 2000’s to 2010, while the originality was far before that. Additionally, the stylish pop and edgy looks of these fonts make it worth adding to your favorite collection.

Some of the most popular Urban Fonts were designed by well-known type designers including the following.

  • Bebas Neue: Designed by Ryosuke Koike in 2009.
  • Gotham: Designed by Tobias Frere-Jones in 2010.
  • Raleway: Designed by Matt McInerney in 2012.
  • Avenir: Designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1988.
  • Montserrat: Designed by Julieta Ulanovsky in 2011.
  • Roboto: Designed by Christian Robertson in 2011.

Some of the designers of these fonts were inspired and found graffiti and street art quite mesmerizing. They admired these works of art so much that they created a font out of them.

Urban Fonts are mostly used in music covers and industry, as well as in other places where the popping work of the fonts can contribute. There are also professional uses of Urban Fonts such as the following:

  • Posters and Flyers
  • Logos and Branding
  • Web Design
  • T-shirts and Other Apparel
  • Graphic Novels and Comic Books

If you are looking for modern fonts for posters and other art materials this can be the one for you.

Features Of Urban Fonts

Here are some features of different kinds of Urban Fonts:

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is known for its intense and bold geometric shapes along with its extensive range of weights. It is one of the most popular Urban Font used in posters, logos, and other branding materials.


Gotham Font has several features such as its clarity and minimalist design. It is often used in commercial use but can also be used in other varieties of casual and personal work. 


Raleway Font is characterized by its soft, smooth curves and its open letterforms. The font is often used in advertising and marketing materials.


Avenir Font has been around for quite a time and is known for its elegant, refined appearance. It is a very stylish font used in magazines, newspapers, and other publications.

Tips to Use Urban Fonts

Here are some tips for using a variety of Urban Fonts.

Choose The Right Font

 It’s important to choose the fonts for the project. The various kinds of Urban Fonts are in countless numbers so finding the right font from the list is not easy. Whether it’s a logo, poster, or music cover you are working on, be sure to pick the perfect one according to the theme.

Go Manual

 You can also make manual adjustments to the font size and spacing between their letters. For example, you can increase the weight of the text while keeping the width as it is. This will make them look taller and slimmer. Then the text stands out for being different from the rest.

Use According To Theme

Themes are necessary when it comes to considering the arrangements, like size and proper usage of both text and font. Different Urban Fonts are designed for different purposes, which is why the info on the fonts should be enough to get you in a creative task.

Use In Video Editing

Urban Fonts are also quite popular to be used in many kinds of videos. These videos can be both casual and professional. Although a few Urban Fonts may not be appropriate for some other types of video. You can use the Urban Fonts on various video projects.

Be Creative, Be Unique

While Urban Fonts are simple and easy to read, you shouldn’t overuse the fonts and make your designs look difficult to see. You must add diversity to your fonts and attempt to create a super blend of multiple fonts for an appealing look.

Pair Two Or More Fonts

So, these fonts can be super helpful if you use them correctly. For example, you can level up your creativity if you are willing to pair Urban Fonts with other varieties of fonts. Pairing up two or more fonts in your projects shows an effortless hint of elegance and minimalism. This tip can be a game-changer if you master it.

Make Adjustments

Making little to big adjustments brings forward the power of your imagination such as bolder weights and bigger sizes are not ideal for body text. Lighter weights, smaller sizes, and differences in style like italic might be more friendly to the viewers. Since bold text is usually strong and impactful, thin weights are usually more considered for statements.

Download Urban Fonts

You can download Urban Fonts officially from this website and also from many other free and paid websites. The list includes an open-source library, Google Fonts, Dafonts, Font Squirrel, FontSpace, and Urban Fonts.


Urban Fonts is a popular category including a wide range of stylish modern fonts. Inspired by urban culture such as graffiti and street art, the category has gained quite a fandom. Some popular Urban Fonts are Bebas Neue, Gotham, Raleway, Avenir and Montserrat. These fonts are mostly known for their stylish and modern look. They are also suitable for both personal and commercial use and can be downloaded for free from this website and plenty of other sources.


What are Urban Fonts?

Urban Fonts are a broad category of fonts that are inspired by urban culture. So, they were based on graffiti, street art, or other forms of street-based expression and inspired many designers. Urban Fonts often have a bold, edgy, or stylized appearance which makes it a popular font category.

Where can I find Urban Fonts?

Many free and paid font websites offer a variety of Urban Fonts. Some popular free font websites include Dafont, Font Squirrel, and Urban Fonts. Some popular paid font websites include FontShop, MyFonts, and Creative Market.

How to download Urban Fonts?

You can download Urban Fonts from many free and paid websites such as open source library Google Fonts, Dafonts, FontSpace, Font Squirrel, and Urban Fonts.

What are some popular Urban Fonts?

Some popular Urban Fonts include Bebas Neue, Gotham, Montserrat, Roboto, Raleway, Avenir, and more.

How do I choose the right urban font for my project?

When choosing the right urban font for your project, there are a few factors to consider, such as:

  • The overall message or tone you want to convey.
  • The size and weight of the font.
  • The color of the font.
  • The context in which the font will be used.
  • The license of the font.
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