CandleScript Font

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Candlescript Font

CandleScript Font is an eye-catching calligraphy typeface from an established Indonesian font foundry that’s ideal for creating stunning wedding invitations, stationary art pieces, and social media posts! Perfectly versatile this amazing font offers endless creative potential!

This font offers over 1500 standard glyphs, including upper caps, small caps, numerals (superior and inferior), punctuation marks, currency symbols, and diacritical marks for Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin script (support for over 115 languages with Unicode maps). Furthermore, its adaptable nature enables it to blend perfectly with variations of glyphs for greater versatility.

Suitable for a wide range of design projects

Candlescript Font is an elegant typeface perfect for use across many design projects, such as invitations, branding designs, logos, business cards, and quotes. Additionally, its generator tool makes creating custom designs simple. Compatible with both Mac and Windows systems and available in multiple styles – download for free today.

Salty Feathers font has a graceful, feminine style that exudes sophistication and femininity, making it the ideal font choice for wedding invitations. It boasts an eye-catching wet ink texture to add romance and elegance. Plus, this multilingual font supports multiple languages so it’s simple to use across borders!

Salty Feathers font stands out from other script fonts by being easy to read and featuring an organic flow, making it the ideal choice for your next project! Its curvy curves and elegant swashes add an air of sophistication, making this style suitable for wedding invitations, branding materials, or headlines.

Script MT Font is another impressive script font with its sleek baseline and legibility at small to extra large sizes. Available both as OTF and TTF font formats, the font contains all uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, alternate versions of certain characters, decorative swashes as well as support for all Western European languages.

Elegant and flowing

Add feminine flair to your designs by choosing this dainty script font, which features small X height and tall ascenders and descenders – it is ideal for handwritten text as well as children-focused designs! Download it free from 1001 Fonts(opens in a new tab or window).

Use this elegant and flowing font in various design projects for optimal results. It works equally well on monitors as printed pages. Featuring various glyphs that support OpenType features, this font comes complete with its selection of ligatures and alternative characters – perfect for use across platforms!

Writing can have an immediate, subconscious, and conscious effect on readers, especially at both conscious and unconscious levels. Text rhythm conveys emotions; for example, a flowing text rhythm creates relaxation while an irregular one may cause discomfort in its readership. When selecting fonts to match your intended emotion goal it is essential that first determine what emotion or feeling you wish to elicit in readers before selecting font styles and font sizes.

Appropriate font pairings are essential in creating the ideal look and feel. This is particularly true of script fonts; choosing complementary fonts will make your design stand out from the crowd and grab the viewer’s attention. One great combination is Salzburg with Regime Grotesk as both vintage-inspired fonts. This combination works great for nostalgia-themed branding or invitation cards; another good complementary font would be Distoniare as its natural and realistic flow makes an excellent pairing choice.


Candlescript Font is an adaptable script typeface suitable for various design projects. With its elegant, flowing lines add sophistication to invitations, greeting cards, and creative projects. Furthermore, this unique font can also be used for corporate logos and professional designs; plus it can easily be tailored to match any color scheme or theme.

Style makes the style an ideal choice for projects requiring handwritten elements, including wedding invitations, stationary art pieces, and social media posts. Selecting an appropriate font will not only ensure consistency within your design but will make it stand out and become memorable to viewers of your project.

Candlescript font, designed by M Fairuzulhaq and first released in 2014, offers versatile calligraphy that’s simple to use. Available in both OTF and TrueType formats and with thousands of Swashes included as standard ligatures and contextual alternates – Candlescript has something for you.

This gorgeous script font is ideal for projects requiring delicate feminine charm. With its stunning design, this font will stand out among its peers, while being an excellent option for logos and business cards.


Candlescript Pro, an enduring cursive font, is highly adaptable and ideal for all sorts of projects. Boasting several swash options and weight options that fit seamlessly with most designs, this elegant font makes an eye-catching statement in wedding invitations, branding, or headlines alike. Plus it comes in different weights and styles – making it the ideal font choice.

This script font’s adaptability lies not only in its elegantly flowing layout and legible characters; but also its flowing layout, elegant swashes, legible characters and high detail, and precise flow making it perfect for logotypes, custom typefaces, title headers, or any kind of advertisements. With over 2750 glyphs including Uppercaps Smallcaps Numeric Fraction Punctuations Diacritical Marks as well as thousands of Swashes, this font provides endless creative options!

Oleo Script is an adaptable calligraphy font, perfect for casual yet dramatic card designs. Featuring semi-connected lines with swirly dramatic caps reminiscent of its namesake font family – ideal for romantic wedding invitations and bold statement pieces alike!

Flexitive allows you to easily change text direction by selecting and opening the Text Settings Panel. In the ‘Text Wrap’ settings, you can choose whether your text should wrap word by word or letter by letter; any change made here will apply to your design. Furthermore, you can set Font Size, Line Height, and Text Tracking within this same panel for further customizing its appearance.


So, thank you for downloading the latest version of Candlescript Font. We shared the official Candlescript Font to download.

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