Wedding Script Fonts

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Wedding Script Fonts

Font selection for wedding invitations can make or break their design. From romantic ceremonies to rustic gatherings, wedding script fonts add an exquisite finishing touch. So, here you can download the latest version of Wedding Script Fonts from below.

Use contrast and legibility by pairing two font styles that vary – for instance, Playfair Display with Montserrat Light here.

Romantic Calligraphy

Romantic script fonts add a soft and feminine feel to any design project, perfect for adding feminine charm. Breathe Poetry offers classic-style calligraphy with light contrast between thick and thin pen strokes while Wild Magnolia exudes luxurious cursive letters; both offer options for swashes for customizing layouts or looks.

If you want a formal feel in your wedding design, Lustria is an excellent serif font with clean contours and round corners, which pairs beautifully with other formal elements such as geometric shapes. For an added bit of whimsicality try pairing it with script fonts like Great Vibes or Monsieur LaDoulaise that have more flowing loops for an enjoyable look.

Alternatively, you could also choose to incorporate display fonts in your wedding design. Display fonts feature more elaborate and dramatic flourishes which can help emphasize certain words or phrases – in this instance, Playfair Display was combined with Montserrat Light font for extra flair without overshadowing text.

Emelystta is a modern calligraphy font designed to add beautiful lettering to invitations, branding materials, logos, and other stationery items. This font features intricate uppercase and lowercase letters as well as punctuation marks, numerals ligatures, and multilingual support to make your designs truly shine!

Modern Calligraphy

Modern wedding fonts that lean toward decorative calligraphy include elegant and feminine fonts such as Janda; others, however, feature more distinctive characteristics such as Lemon Milk’s stylish sans serif font that features turns and curls – ideal for formal events as well as highly legible! Lemon Milk provides another stylish yet contemporary option; use it on save-the-date cards or invitations alike!

Another font to consider is Mon Voir, which features an eye-catching yet playful script with swashes and beginning and ending swooshes that add a romantic feel. Or La Bohemia for something more sophisticated yet bold that works well when used as the primary text on wedding invitations. However, smaller text sizes might make reading difficult; therefore it would work better when used for larger text pieces such as the main body.

Some weddings require religious elements, which can be tricky to plan. When consulting your priest, rabbi or pastor about how best to incorporate one into your ceremony design – perhaps selecting a biblical passage meaningful to both of you as well as discussing its structure which could impact what they say or do at your ceremony – be sure to discuss possible script options!

Vintage Calligraphy

For an elegant vintage wedding, Exmouth calligraphy font is an ideal choice. With its delicate turn and curly ends, Exmouth makes the perfect statement when applied to wedding invitations and makes them stand out.

To achieve an extra formal look, consider opting for a handwritten font with embellishments. Mightype is a wonderful font choice with its cute and whimsical style, while Adelio Darmanto adds extra swirly accents that are sure to delight guests. Both fonts are easily legible yet still fit nicely onto wedding invitations.

Montserrat font is a modern choice with a clean and elegant aesthetic, perfect for paragraphs. This serif font balances out the round features of cursive fonts with its straighter lines for an ideal result. If you need assistance selecting a font pair for your wedding celebration, read through our ultimate font pairing article (which opens in a new tab).

Once you’ve chosen a font for your wedding, take advantage of Canva’s online design tool(opens in a new tab) to create stunning designs using it. From invitations and thank-you cards to other materials expressing love in unique and special ways, our tools provide a perfect way to express it!

Romantic Serif

No matter your style – be it modern, vintage, or rustic – there’s sure to be a font in this category that will perfectly complement your wedding stationery. Dancing Script, for instance, stands out with its feminine yet distinctive form; pairing this style with sans serif fonts would create stunning invitations featuring Dancing Script text.

Vanilla Shot creates an intimate, handwritten aesthetic – perfect for casual weddings and other stationery designs, thank you cards, etc. It pairs beautifully with serif fonts.

Cherston is an elegant yet bold display font. Available in 10 styles (display sans, regular, and bold), its characters include uppercase letters, numerals, fractions symbols punctuation 106 ligatures multilingual support.

One great aspect of this font is that it can be used for monograms – typically formed using the first letter from each partner’s first name and their combined last name – adding personalized monograms can add an extra special touch and make your event more memorable for guests.


So, thank you for downloading the latest version of Wedding Script Fonts. We shared the official Wedding Script Fonts to download for free.

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