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Download Niramit Font

Niramit is a Thai and Latin family of sans serif fonts featuring some decorative details to give a different look from the other fonts. It was designed by Cadson Demak and released in 2015. So, the latest version of Niramit Font Family is provided below to download.

The font is characterized by its clean and sophisticated style. Niramit gets its design from Thai letters that are designed to be compatible with the traditional Thai script, while the Latin letters have given the font its modern and stylish design.

A good font like Niramit can be found in different weights, with added styles for a unique glow. Being versatile is one of the main features of the font so you can use it to your advantage and get the best of it.

If you are in search of a very modern and stylish font that is also pretty much compatible with Thai, Niramit is a great option to consider.

Features of Niramit Font Family

Here are some detailed features of the Niramit font:

  1. Clean & Modern Lines

From clean to modern lines the Niramit font is characterized by these, with a touch of elegance. The letters are well-spaced and easy to read.

2. Decorative Details

A font like Niramit, also has some interesting details, such as the serifs on the ends of the letters. These details have given the font a touch of sophistication and style.

3. Variety In Weights

The fantastic font is available in 12 weights, from Extra Light to Black, as well as italics. Niramit font is a versatile font, it is labeled as a good example of versatility with a classy and modern look. The font can be used for many purposes such as logos to headlines of your choice.

4. Compatible with Thai and Latin Scripts

It works perfectly for both Latin and Thai. Niramit is compatible with both Thai and Latin scripts. An impeccable pick for projects that need to be bilingual and stylish.

5. Versatility & Usability

Niramit Font Family is a versatile font that is supposed to be used for a variety of purposes. It is preferably an excellent choice for headlines, posters, logos, branding, and other design projects.

6. Misalignment For Playfulness

The font is unable to be aligned properly because it is not a monospaced font, so the letters do not have equal widths. Which can be a major feature adding up to Niramit’s playfulness.

7. Best For Highlighted Texts

Niramit font is not legible font at small sizes. It is suggested to be used as a headline or title and other short text passages for the best results.

Tips On How To Properly Use Niramit Font

Here are some examples to make the best use of Niramit Font:

Best For Headlines And Short Text

Niramit is not a very legible font at small sizes, To keep the legibility of the font it is best used for headlines and other short text passages.

Pair It With Similar Fonts

Flexible fonts like Niramit font can fit in with different needs but it’s best to pair it with a more legible font for body text, such as Arial or Times New Roman. This will surely help to ensure that your text is easy to read.

Use An Appropriate Colour Palette

The versatility of Niramit font has made it available to be used with a variety of color palettes. However, using it to your advantage will require a consistent color palette to create a cohesive design.

Don’t Overuse The Font

Niramit is more of a decorative font, so it’s required to use it carefully in your designs which will prevent it from looking distracting and overall negative.

Try Different Weights And Styles

All fonts have styles such as Niramit font which comes with 12 weights, including italics and more. So Try out and experiment with different weights and styles to find the perfect font for projects that will work best with it.

Headline For Blog Posts

Niramit font is clean and modern which can make a blog post look Highlighted, The headline of a blog post with Niramit font can look good due decorative style for it to instantly pop out.

Logo For Brands

A stylish and sophisticated would be perfect as the look of Niramit is preferred for such use, which would make it a good choice for the logo of casual brands.

Invitation Cards For Weddings And Parties

When creating an invitation card, a good font would be required to give the invite a classy look. The elegant and modern look of Niramit would make it a good choice for an invitation to a wedding or birthday party.

Social Media Posts For Product Launching

Niramit font is perfect for your product launch post on social media due to its eye-catching and stylish look, which would make it a good choice for any type of product launch post.

Book Covers

The clean and modern lines of Niramit make it an amazing font compared to other fonts for book covers of novels or various other types of books.

How To Download Niramit Font

Niramit font is available for free from this website. It is also available on Google Fonts. To download it, go to the Google Fonts website and search for “Niramit” Then you add it to your collection of fonts and press the “install” button to download it. You can then find the font in your download folder.


Niramit is a versatile and stylish font that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a good choice for projects that need to be bilingual or required to have a modern and stylish look. It does require proper use for projects and personal use but with a few try-outs, you can find the one that works the best for you, Overall. Niramit font has been made to use for different user needs so it can fit with your requirements. It is also free to use and can be easily found and downloaded from these websites. So, feel free to use, be creative, and make the best use of Niramit font to get the most desired results for your work.


Is Niramit font free to use?

Niramit font is completely free to use for all devices. However, using it for commercial purposes will require you to purchase a license unlike for other font uses.

Where can I download the Niramit font?

You can download Niramit font from various font websites, such as Google Fonts, Font Squirrel, and Fontspring.

What are the system requirements for using Niramit font?

Niramit font is perfectly ideal for major operating systems and software applications. However, the first rule to download any font is to check the system requirements before downloading them.

What are some cons and limitations of Niramit font?

Niramit font is a decorative font, which makes it unsuitable for long texts. It is also best to remember to use it sparingly in your designs, in that case too much of it will be overwhelming and may seem to distract.

What are some similar fonts to the Niramit font?

Some similar fonts to the Niramit font family are Montserrat, Lato, Open Sans, Roboto, and Source Sans Pro.

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