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ITC Edwardian Script Font Free

ITC Edwardian Script features an expressive calligraphic style that mirrors that of steel-point pens. Where flat-tipped writing instruments produce thick and thin stroke contrasts, ITC Edwardian Script’s delicate letterforms require skillful craftsmanship and attention to detail. So, you can easily download the latest version of Edwardian Script Font Free from this page.

Note that font appearance will differ based on which letters are selected, as some fonts do not accept special characters or were designed specifically for specific uses.

Bickham Script Pro

Richard Lipton created ITC Bickham Script as an elegant formal script font, inspired by George Bickham’s 18th-century engravings of elegant calligraphy. With its wide variety of ligatures and character variations, this sophisticated font makes an excellent choice for invitations or branding needs.

Bickham Script Pro features contextual alternates, which allow for various combinations of letterform shapes based on their appearance within specific contexts. This feature was first made popular with Adobe’s InDesign 1.5 release in 2001 and is now common among most script fonts.

Bickham Script Pro is part of the Adobe Originals program, which brings designers together to produce fonts of outstanding design quality and technical fidelity. Bickham Script Pro stands out by its classic calligraphic style as well as expert interpretations of Cyrillic and Greek characters thanks to collaboration with expert typographic advisors.

Snell Roundhand

Matthew Carter created this font to capture the elegance of 17th-century handwriting. With its long, thin letterforms and delicate strokes, its soft yet personal feel makes it suitable for projects requiring a distinguished script. Distinguished yet graceful in appearance, its elegant flow and sophisticated air make this typeface ideal for formal invitations, branding designs, or other text designs.

Smaller foundries entered the game as well, including Christian Robertson’s Dear Sarah Pro in 2004 and designs from Sudtipos (Burgues Script, Poem Script, and Studio Lettering suite) and House Industries (Belinda) in 2007. These designs raised the bar in terms of what contextual alternate programming could do to accurately simulate handwritten writing.

Dancing Script is an elegant combination of traditional calligraphy and contemporary design, featuring graceful arches that echo Snell Roundhand – making it an excellent choice for invitations, certificates, or documents that call for formal yet stylish documents.

Script MT Bold

Script MT Bold is a bold font with a handwritten aesthetic. The appearance may change depending on which letters are selected; some fonts don’t support special characters or were designed specifically for certain projects, so selecting an appropriate font for your project is vitally important. You can check each letter visually before downloading it online via visual representation or take an assessment test first.

Edward Benguiat created ITC Edwardian Script with a romantic, lyrical appeal. Its elegant strokes and variable weights resemble traditional calligraphy while its look was enhanced by using a steel-pointed pen that can be pulled or pushed, creating contrast in thickness of strokes.

ITC Edwardian Script font can be utilized in multiple projects due to its expressive letterforms and versatility. Ideal for product titles, magazine, and newspaper headlines, and Powerpoint presentations as well as invitation art.


Vivaldi is designed for advanced users. Based on Chromium (which originated with Chrome), it uses Blink engine to render web pages. Vivaldi features some great capabilities like managing tabs in a sidebar and is highly configurable via keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, menus toolbars, and themes – not forgetting local browsing history management that doesn’t store data online!

Edwardian Script by Friedrich Peter is a graceful and decorative font with gracefully elongated letterforms and delicate strokes, featuring calligraphic and copperplate elements for an elegant combination. Ideal for invitations, certificates or formal documents this font is free for personal use but commercial usage is prohibited; to purchase it please follow my Typewolf link as I appreciate any support for my work!


ITC Edwardian Script font offers a sophisticated, elegant appearance. Perfect for formal invitations and corporate branding. Additionally, some various ligatures and alternates provide additional variation and authenticity to add a sense of sophistication and individuality to this font.

Hermann Zapf, the designer of ITC Edwardian Script font, used modern digital font technology to fulfill his lifelong goal: designing an expressive calligraphic typeface that conveys both comfort and awe when written beautifully. ITC Edwardian Script draws its inspiration from writing with steel-point pens which allow for thick or thin strokes by changing pressure applied to its nib.

Linotype introduced its Zapfino font family in 1998, which included four alphabets and various options to imitate different handwriting styles. Their most recent version, Zapfino Extra Pro, offers additional contextual glyph substitutions that automatically produce unique and varied results.

French Script MT

French Script MT Font is an elegant, beautiful, and eye-catching script typeface inspired by calligraphy designed by Monotype and used widely across a range of graphic designs. With letters that create curves and sharp corners giving a beautiful aesthetic – not to mention being free to download – French Script MT is ideal for logos, flyers, and high-quality card designs!

ITC Edwardian Script stands apart from traditional calligraphic scripts in that its design draws from flexible steel-point pens that allow users to pull and push to produce thick or thin strokes, thus making it accessible across a range of sizes than other calligraphic scripts.

Kunstler Script is another modern calligraphic font with a similar aesthetic to Edwardian Script, resembling turn-of-the-century handwriting while offering moderate ornamentation levels, perfect for occasions requiring elegance and formality.


So, thank you for downloading the latest version of Edwardian Script Font Free from here. We shared the official Edwardian Script Font Free to download.

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