Urban Jungle Font Free Download

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Urban Jungle Font Free Download

Urban Jungle Font is a faded and distorted display typeface designed by KC Fonts. It was released in 2011 and is supposed to be used in a jungle and forest theme.

The font became quite popular post-release and was used in several famous works. From movies to YouTube videos, Urban Jungle Font has been used by many graphic designers and even video editors.

It was inspired by graffiti and street art along with the vibrant culture of Urban which is why it has a grunge and edgy appearance. Urban Jungle Font is known for being a stylish and modern font.

Features Of Urban Jungle Font

So, if we talk about Urban Jungle Font besides the summary, there are a few features of Urban Jungle Font from the design to the details that we can add to our list of features.

1. Faded Letters

Urban Jungle Font is quite known for its uncompleted look which makes it a very stylish and modern font. So, it’s hard to read the text if not used correctly due to the fade effect on the letters, that’s why you should use the font on a dark background to see its full potential as an edgy font.

2. Perfect for a Jungle theme

So, the font was inspired by graffiti and street art so the design of it matches the natural atmosphere very well. Urban Jungle Font is created to be used in forest or jungle backgrounds to deliver a hint of wildlife in those places.

3. Made for Headings and Short Passages

Urban Jungle Font comes in bold weight making itself only suitable for headings or titles. Mostly used in videos of wildlife, Urban Jungle Font is best used in short passages as long sentences can make your project quite overwhelming due to its intense and impacting font design.

4. Sharp Edges

Sharp edges are one of the distinctive features of Urban Jungle Font because the corners of the text make it appear intense. The intensity of the letter contributes to the overall tone of the text. A clean look is also made when used in bold text.

5. Eye-Catching Design

Urban Jungle Font is great at being super unique and stands out from the rest. So, the text for the font should be most important since the first thing a viewer will notice in such an intense font is the text. Therefore the Eye-Catching design of Urban Jungle Font is the reason why it is used with other fonts.

Tips to Use Urban Jungle Font

Now, as the list stretches we’ve learned the features of Urban Jungle Font. So, there are various ways you can use them with the help of some tips to use Urban Jungle Font to its full potential. Below are a few tips to help you use Urban Jungle Font.

1. Choose the Right Context

Urban Jungle Font is a distorted font that is supposed to be used in a high-side view of forests or jungles. So, this means that you have to use it somewhere, where the scenery as well as the font fits perfectly. For example, if you are designing a poster for camping then the jungle may be able to define what you need if you use it wisely.

2. Use a Bright Color Palette

Since Urban Jungle Font has faded corners and does not provide a clean look for the text, you must use colors that make the text readable for viewers. So, bright colors such as are best used for backgrounds, and white should be used for the text. A combination like this is perfect for designs based on such scenery.

3. Bold Shadows and Border

Shadows and borders are important whether you are creating a realistic or artificial effect. For a theme like Urban Jungle Font, it is necessary to add at least one of these options. Shadows are heart when you are making the text appear as realistic as possible. Borders can make your text stand out more than blending it in the background.

4. Adjust the Font in the Background

So, the Urban Jungle Font needs to be placed behind some leaves or trees if you want a super realistic design. You can try adding a few leaves on the front of the text or erase the text from somewhere it would blend with trees or leaves. The first option can be great for the intro of a video while the second one can be great for branding since the video consists of some sort of animation unlike a graphic design does not.

5. Use it in Video Animations

Animations are super popular when it comes to realistic visuals. Video ads and montages can become difficult if you are lacking creativity. Urban Jungle Font is a good option for projects for nature and tourism. Urban Jungle Font is also quite popular for YouTube videos animals and documentaries of unexplored areas of nature.

How To Download Urban Jungle Font

Urban Jungle Font can be found for free on this website. You can also download it from a variety of websites such as KC Fonts, Dafonts FontSpace, and Font Squirrel. You can download Urban Jungle Font in Google Search and click on one of these websites. Scroll down to the download button and proceed further with it. Then install the font on your device and run it through your preferred software that supports it.


Urban Jungle Font is a display typeface with a grunge appearance. It was designed by KC Fonts and was released in 2011 to be used in several nature-related projects. So, the look of this font was inspired by graffiti, street art, and Urban culture. Many features of this font make it a perfect choice for an edgy design. It is available for free for personal and paid commercial use. Urban Jungle Font can be downloaded from this website and a ton of other websites such as KC Fonts, Dafonts, Font Squirrel, and more.


What is Urban Jungle Font?

Urban Jungle Font is a display typeface inspired by the vibrant culture of graffiti and street art. It has a bold, grunge aesthetic and was designed by KC Fonts in 2011.

So, is Urban Jungle Font free to use?

The free version of Urban Jungle Font is available for personal use only. While a license is required for use in any commercial projects.

What are some of the features of Urban Jungle Font?

  1. Bold and Expressive Letterforms
  2. Distressed and Eroded Appearance
  3. Grunge Aesthetic
  4. Ideal for Headlines, Logos, Posters, and Other Creative Projects

What are some of the projects that Urban Jungle Font is used for?

  1. Posters
  2. Advertising campaigns
  3. Logos
  4. T-shirts
  5. Album covers
  6. Website designs
  7. Book covers
  8. Letterheads
  9. Other creative projects that require an urban and edgy vibe.
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