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Download The Kanit Black Font:

The Kanit Black Font is a member of the well-liked Kanit font family. Designed by Somchai Charoenwongsa and published by Cadson Demak, the font style has the capability of keeping itself legible while being at smaller sizes.

It is a heavier version of the regular font style of Kanit with thicker strokes and less spacing. A font style suitable for highlighting texts such as titles and headings, wherever a strong impact is needed.

Kanit Black font was released in 2015 along with the whole Kanit font family. The font is available in both OpenType and TrueType formats. It is a free font family and can be downloaded officially from the open-source library, Google Fonts.

It is a classy font that is known to be used for a variety of purposes. Among its many uses, the elegant design of its Thai letters makes it a popular choice in Thailand and is gaining fans in other nations as well.

Some examples of where the Kanit Black font style has been used:

  • The Logo for the Thai Airways International airline
  • The Book Title “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
  • The Website for the Thai Government
  • The Signage for the Bangkok Metro system
  • The Cover of the Album “25” by Adele

If you’re looking for a font to add a touch of bolder style to your project, then Kanit Black Font may be the one for you.

Features Of Kanit Black Font

Here are some of the features of the Kanit Black font:

Thicker Strokes

Since the Kanit Black Font has thicker strokes than the Kanit regular font style, the difference that appears is huge. Unlike the regular version, Kanit Black Font is more visually striking so you can use it to add bold aspects to your text.

Less Spacing

As the Kanit Black font takes more space than any other style from the font family, it occupies more space too. This decreases the spacing between the letters giving the text a heavy look.

Futuristic Look

Combining humanist sans serif and geometrical style, the Kanit Black Font has appeared to become popular among its users. Additionally, the modern design has been visually appealing and admired in other languages too.

Flat-stroke Terminal

The font has been made to have flat stroke terminals, meaning that the edges of the stroke are not curved. This feature gives a familiar look that is both clean and minimalist.

Plenty Of Weights And Styles

A wide range of weights and styles are included in the Kanit Font Family. The range comes in 10 weights from Thin to Black including italics too. Thus giving you a lot of options in choosing the appropriate weight and styles for the project.

Some Tips On How To Use The Kanit Black Font

Here are some tips on how to use the Kanit Black Font.

Perfect For Headlines And Titles

The eye-catching look of the Kanit Black Font is what makes it a good choice for headlines and titles. Also, the black strokes and less space complement the text that can be used to make a statement.

Use For Stronger Brand Identity

Surprisingly, the Kanit Black Font can also be used for logos, which means that the stylish look of the font will be able to represent brands with its striking visuals. Additionally, it can help you create a strong and memorable brand identity.

Convey The Striking Visuals

So, the Kanit Black Font can be used for signage to create clear messages that are easy to read. It ensures the tone of the signs is directly delivered to everyone.

Use For Better Graphics

Elements such as buttons, and headings for website graphics such as CTA need a font that stands out. That’s where Kanit Black Font is recommended as it does exactly what it needs to do to grab attention.

Improve Printing Designs

Printing designs are used for various marketing purposes that include posters, flyers, and other materials. This is why there has to be some sort of use of bolder fonts such as Kanit Black Font to make it more appealing.

Pair With Lighter Fonts

If you’re going for a balanced look, you can try pairing the bolder font with a lighter one. So to prevent the text from becoming too overwhelming, this trick will help you make it even more creative.

Avoid Overuse

Since the Kanit Black Font is black, it needs to be used sparingly. So, if you use it too much then it will lose its identity and the design would become complex for anyone to read.

Don’t Forget To Experiment

Originally, the font came in various styles but all in adjusted weights and sizes. However, if you feel like a little work is needed there you can always try and reset if anything goes wrong.

No matter how and where you use it, the Kanit Black font is sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your designs.

How To Download Kanit Black Font?

Kanit Black is available for free on Google Fonts. So to download it, go to the Google Fonts website and search for “Kanit Black.” Click on the Kanit Black font and then click on the “Add to collection” button. 

Once you have installed the Kanit Black font, you can use it in any desired software that supports fonts.


Kanit Black Font belongs to the Kanit Font family which also has been quite popular. It first came in 2015 and was used in countless formal and informal projects. The font is very impactful and can be used for different purposes in many ways. You can download the Font officially from an open-source library, Google Fonts.


What is the boldest version of the Kanit font called?

The boldest version of the Kanit font is called Kanit Black. It has thicker strokes and more contrast than the regular Kanit font, making it more eye-catching and readable in smaller sizes.

Is the Kanit Black font available for free?

Yes, the Kanit Black font is available for free and comes under the Apache License 2.0. You can either download it from the Google Fonts website or the Cadson Demak website.

What are some of the uses of the Kanit Black font?

So, the Kanit Black font is used for various purposes, including:

  • Headlines and titles
  • Posters and flyers
  • Logos and branding
  • Web and app design

Print materials

What are some similar fonts to Kanit Black?

Some similar fonts to Kanit Black are:

  • Poppins Black
  • Montserrat Black
  • Roboto Black
  • Open Sans Black
  • Raleway Black

How do I use the Kanit Black font?

You will first need to download the Kanit Black Font from the Google Fonts website to use it. Once you have downloaded the font, install it on your device and use it on any desired software that supports it.

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