Poppins Font Family Free Download

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Poppins Font Family Free Download

Poppins Font Family Free Download is a pure geometric sans-serif font that has beautiful and eye-catching curves. This typeface is used worldwide and can be used for different types of designs.

Another great option for a similar font to Poppins is Brooklyn, which offers a variety of weights and italic versions. Or you could try Candice Sans Serif, which is a bit more rounded than Poppins and works well for body or header text.


The Poppins font family is a versatile sans-serif typeface with several features that make it suitable for various design projects. Here are some key features of the Poppins font family:

  1. Open Sans-serif Design:
    • Poppins is a sans-serif typeface, which means it lacks the decorative strokes (serifs) at the end of characters. This design choice provides a clean and modern appearance.
  2. Multiple Weights and Styles:
    • The Poppins font family includes a range of weights and styles, from light to bold, making it adaptable for various design applications. This versatility allows designers to use it for both headings and body text.
  3. Geometric and Round Shapes:
    • Poppins features a combination of geometric and round shapes, giving it a balanced and friendly look. The letterforms are carefully crafted to maintain readability while offering a contemporary aesthetic.
  4. Extensive Language Support:
    • Poppins supports a wide range of languages, making it suitable for projects with diverse linguistic requirements. This feature is particularly useful for international design applications.
  5. Optimized for Screen and Print:
    • The font is designed to be legible and visually pleasing both on digital screens and in print. This makes it a versatile choice for websites, mobile apps, print materials, and other design projects.
  6. OpenType Features:
    • Poppins may include OpenType features, providing additional typographic capabilities. These features can include ligatures, alternate characters, and more, enhancing the overall design possibilities.
  7. Free and Open Source:
    • Poppins is often available as part of the Google Fonts library, making it free and open source for personal and commercial use. It falls under open-source licenses that allow users to use, modify, and distribute the font.

Remember that the features of a font can vary slightly depending on the specific version and the designer’s intent.

Poppins Sans

If you’re looking for a geometric sans serif font, try Poppins Sans. It’s a versatile font that works well for both header and body text. It also offers multiple weights and corresponding italics. It has a clean and legible design, making it perfect for web and mobile designs. So, it is free to download and use in your projects.

The design of this typeface is based on both humanist and grotesque fonts, with slightly rounded corners and a tall x-height. Its legibility makes it a great choice for editorial and corporate designs. It is available in a wide variety of weights, from light to bold. It can be used on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Designed by Ninad Kale and Jonny Pinhorn, the Indian Type Foundry first released Poppins in 2014. It is a geometric sans-serif with Devanagari and Latin support. Its letter forms are nearly monolinear, and optical corrections have been applied to stroke joints to maintain even typographic color. The Devanagari base character height and the Latin ascender height are equal, while the Latin x-height is quite high.

Poppins is a beautiful and modern font that would work well for most web designs. Its rounded corners and tall x-height make it easy to read at small sizes. However, its lowercase a is a little too similar to the o in Helvetica, which can confuse smaller font sizes. This is a minor flaw, though, and the font is still a good option for most web designs.

Poppins ExtraBold

Poppins ExtraBold is a geometric sans-serif typeface that is perfect for highlighting design elements. This font has a modern feel and is often used for logos, branding, magazines, and websites. Its design features slightly rounded corners and a tall x-height, which make it easy to read. It also comes with a wide range of characters, making it suitable for a variety of languages.

This font was designed by Ninad Kale and Jonny Pinhorn and was published by Indian Type Foundry in 2014. Its Devanagari glyphs are based on pure geometry, while its Latin glyphs are based on humanist and grotesque shapes. It is an open-source font, so it can be downloaded and used freely in your designs.

It has a unique design that distinguishes it from other geometric sans serif fonts. Its bar glyphs are not as thick as other Devanagari glyphs, and its ascender is shorter than the descender. These distinctive features are intended to help readers differentiate the letters from one another and ensure that they can read the text easily.

If you’re looking for a similar typeface to Poppins, try Brooklyn Typeface. This geometric sans-serif offers several weights and italic versions, including both Latin and Devanagari. It is highly legible and can be used for body or header text.

To use this font, you must have a web server that supports Fontsource. You can add the font to your website using the @font-face rule in your CSS file.

Poppins Italic

The Poppins font is a clean and elegant geometric sans-serif that works well on a variety of designs. Its minimal aesthetic and clean lines make it a great option for art gallery websites, online magazines, or other high-end-looking sites. Pair it with a serif font to add an extra bit of flair to your design.

Designed by Ninad Kale and Jonny Pinhorn, the Poppins family was released in 2014 by the Indian Type Foundry. It is a versatile font with nine weights ranging from thin to bold, each with an italic version. It also features a wide range of glyphs, including the unique Devanagari conjunct forms that are essential for typesetting Hindi and Marathi. The glyphs are based on pure geometry, and the stroke joints are optically corrected to avoid uneven color.

All of the glyphs in the Poppins font feature flat bases without angularity and straight apices, which contribute to their visual clarity. The bars of the glyphs are slightly thinner than the main shaft, and they have more contrast at the points of intersection. This contrast helps to distinguish between adjacent glyphs and makes the font easy to read.

The Poppins font is available for free download for personal and commercial use. To use it in your web design, simply add a CSS code to the HTML element that you want to change. This can be a header (h1, h2, h3), paragraphs (p), or other elements.

Poppins Bold

Poppins Bold is a geometric sans serif font that was designed by Indian Type Foundry in 2014. The style is inspired by both humanist and grotesque types, but it has been modified to improve legibility in a variety of sizes. The font is also highly versatile, making it ideal for a wide range of projects.

Its sleek appearance and minimalist aesthetic make it a popular choice for designers who want to create a modern look. The font is available in 18 different styles and can be used for both print and web design. It also includes a full set of punctuation marks and mathematical symbols. In addition, the font is free to use and has been put under an open license.

Geometric sans serifs are a longstanding typeface tradition, and Poppins is no exception. Its glyph design is nearly monolinear, with optical corrections applied to the joints of strokes to ensure consistency across all glyphs. The glyphs are also rounded, which adds a touch of warmth and softness to the overall design.

The Poppins font is a great option for any project that needs a professional, clean appearance. Its neutral, geometric forms will complement a variety of design projects, from logos to business cards. You can download this font from the Fontsource website and embed it in your apps and products. To do so, you’ll need to reference the font in your app entry file or site component or use a CSS bundler like Vite or CSS-in-JS.


So, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Poppins font family:

  1. What is Poppins font?
    • Poppins is a sans-serif typeface designed by Indian Type Foundry. It is a versatile font family known for its clean and modern design.
  2. Where can I download the Poppins font?
    • Poppins is available for free on the Google Fonts website. You can download it from the official Google Fonts page: Poppins on Google Fonts.
  3. Can I use Poppins font for commercial projects?
    • Yes, Poppins is open-source and available under the SIL Open Font License, which allows for free use, modification, and distribution, including commercial projects.
  4. What styles and weights are available in the Poppins font family?
    • Poppins come in various weights, including Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, and Black. It also offers italic styles for each weight.
  5. Is Poppins a web-safe font?
    • Yes, Poppins is web-safe and can be used in web design. Since it’s available on Google Fonts, you can easily integrate it into your website by linking to it in your CSS.
  6. What type of projects is Poppins font suitable for?
    • Poppins is versatile and can be used for a wide range of design projects, including websites, mobile apps, print materials, branding, and more. Its multiple weights make it suitable for both headings and body text.
  7. Does Poppins font support multiple languages?
    • Yes, Poppins has extensive language support, making it suitable for projects that require characters from various languages.
  8. Are there any alternatives to Poppins font?
    • While Poppins has a distinct style, some alternative fonts with similar characteristics include Montserrat, Open Sans, and Roboto.


So, if you have any more questions or if there’s anything specific you’d like to know or discuss, feel free to ask. I’m here to help with information, advice, or any other assistance you may need. Whether it’s about fonts, design, or any other topic, I’m at your service.

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