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Cloister Black Font

Cloister Black Font was designed by Morris Fuller Benton for publication by ATF in 1904. It’s an updated adaptation of Priory Text from the 1870s version of Caslon Text; Flemish Black offered a different set of caps.

Black letters may conjure images of Nazi propaganda, but more frequently appear on certificates, diplomas, degrees, and newspaper nameplates. Recently they’ve also become associated with beer labels, heavy metal bands, and gangsta rap music.


Cloister Black is an attractive blackletter font with timeless appeal, providing versatility and legibility in design projects from traditional to modern design projects. Additionally, its decorative elements add depth to its character making it suitable for logos and graphics projects. Finally, its availability as both OTF and TrueType files makes this font easy to use across various computers and programs.

Morris Fuller Benton and ATF released this font in 1904. It is a modernized adaptation of Priory Text, an 1870s version of Caslon Text from 1874, modified for digital typesetting by eliminating some historical irregularities while adding contemporary features that mimic those found in Linotype Old English font (such as tied ct, alternate V, and W fonts and double lowercase letters).

Bitstream/Tilde and CastleType offer the free version of Cloister Black as a.ttf file download that can be installed onto computers by simply double-clicking. It can also be used in web pages by placing files into a “fonts” folder on websites. Always read and agree with any license agreements before downloading fonts, as well as copyright information before including them in designs.


Cloister Black Font is a commercial font designed by Morris Fuller Benton for use both physically and digitally, originally published by Typographer Mediengestaltung and updated with a complete character set by Dieter Steffmann in 1904. Since then it has become part of the OpenType Font Family; and according to its license provided with its download zip file, it may not be altered, altered, or adapted without express written consent from its author (this applies for all files contained within it as well).

The font can be utilized in any design project and makes an excellent selection for text graphics such as logos, emblems, letterheads, business cards, industry cards, flyers, brochures, invitations, and more. Featuring its classic yet noble appearance it makes an excellent choice for scholastic, religious, and corporate designs – its meticulous technique ensures each letter flows into one another seamlessly.

Cloister Black is an elegant font suitable for both professional and personal projects, available as a free download to all. However, before using it for yourself or another’s projects make sure you read and agree to its license agreement carefully and only download and use it for yourself.


Cloister Black Font was first released by American Type Founders in 1904 as a modern serif typeface designed by Morris Fuller Benton, known as Cloister Black. Since its introduction, this font has become one of the most iconic fonts and is often used in various designs across a range of applications. It boasts an iconic yet classic appearance which makes it suitable for use across many types of designs due to its strong yet subtle presence; with decorative elements not detracting from the text. Cloister Black also remains highly legible at small sizes while offering excellent kerning and spacing capabilities.

Cloister Black features ornate capital letters with intricate details that harken back to medieval manuscripts and the early days of printing. Its ornate capital letters conjure images of medieval manuscripts as well as early printing techniques; its decorative font can add an air of antiquity and tradition when used for titles or the body of documents, making this font perfect for diplomas, certificates, formal invitations or texts that require an air of history and ceremony.

Cloister Black font comes in OTF and TrueType formats for effortless design projects. Compatible with most major programs and operating systems – including Mac OS X – installation can be accomplished simply by extracting its.ttf file from its archive zip folder and double-clicking to open.

Download Cloister Black Font

Cloister Black font comes in both OTF and TTF formats for ease of inclusion in designs. Simply extract it from its zip folder, install it, and begin designing using this free font! Note that certain license restrictions apply before use in commercial projects.

This font is ideal for designers looking to add some history and sophistication to their designs. With its tall and narrow look that stands out, as well as its decorative appearance that lends it a classic vibe, it makes a striking impression when used sparingly – this typeface could quickly take over any design!

Another feature of this font that stands out is its legibility; it is easy to read at both small and large sizes with impeccable kerning and spacing features, providing optimal readability in various designs ranging from traditional to modern ones.

Cloister Black font can add an air of history to any design project while remaining timeless in appearance. A classic font, it continues to remain popular among designers due to its beautiful appearance – making Cloister Black an ideal font choice.

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