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Typewriter-Inspired Fonts

Special Elite Font is an eye-catching typewriter-inspired font, that adds an eye-catching antique aesthetic to your text. Inspired by Smith Corona Special Elite Type No NR6 and Remington Noiseless typewriter models, its rougher inked lines offer classic analog flair.

Joelmaker offers this rounded display font for informal graphic styles. Find it at Easil and Google Fonts.

Typewriter font

Designed to emulate the smudgy appearance of old typewriters, this font is ideal for use in documents and artwork. With its uneven shading and thin lettering give it its signature look. Plus, its Worry-Free badge means you can use it without worry over licensing restrictions!

Designed by URW, this typewriter font adds rustic charm to projects with its wide range of weights and styles (italics and bold versions), perfect for displaying text in both horizontal and vertical layouts. Legibility may decrease at smaller sizes.

Harting Plain, a monospaced font with irregular shading that looks as though it were made on an old-school typewriter with no ink remaining, is another fantastic typewriter font option that is free and offers traditional charm – making it suitable for use across projects ranging from websites to business cards.


Sans serif fonts offer a modern, minimalist look, often featuring uniform stroke widths, sharp edges, and no embellishments. Perfect for logos and text in marketing materials; modern web designs also benefit from them. Pacco stands out with uppercase letters, numbers punctuation symbols multilingual support as well as its sleek lines and stylish appearance making it an excellent choice for branding, product labeling, and titles.

Current sans-serif fonts we utilize include geometric types like Helvetica and San Francesco, with a modern appearance and easy readability at smaller sizes. Futura and Univers are more elaborate examples that have open letterforms as well as wide weight ranges.

Brands often select sans-serif fonts to convey professionalism and seriousness in their brand’s messaging and visuals. Remax and Nobel Prize rebrands used them successfully in communicating these qualities – not out of fashion but as new messages and visuals were needed – though design trends should also be taken into consideration when selecting such fonts.


Monolinear font is an eye-catching typeface with consistent stroke widths that is great for creating text that looks computer generated, or for small text displays at small sizes due to its thin strokes making reading easy. Furthermore, this font works great as an option on websites designed to be seen on mobile phones or tablets.

Monolinear fonts that best complement your brand are those with personality. Some fonts may be playful and lighthearted while others may be more serious and classic – choose one that embodies your brand and you can be assured customers will respond favorably!

Cousine is an example of a monolinear font with personality. Its round corners add warmth to designs while its italics evoke hand-drawn letters, making it perfect for code or formulas. JetBrains Mono is another suitable font choice with easy readability in IDEs; its open-source nature means there are ligatures specifically for programming symbols within this open font.


This font pays homage to text terminals from the 20th century with powerful serifs and contrast between straight and curving lines in its glyph set, making it suitable for body text and headings alike. Furthermore, its distinct style makes it an attractive feature on software websites.

This typewriter-inspired font is an excellent addition to a cyberpunk aesthetic and works especially well when displayed within password fields and buttons utilizing neon hues. Furthermore, its casual appearance works wonderfully in explainer video after-effects templates.

Contrary to other grotesques, this font does not compromise letter widths to create a uniform reading rhythm, making it easier for readers to distinguish similar characters and distinguish letters with similar widths from one another. Furthermore, its wide and amiable curves add character. You can download this font for free from Google Web Fonts; its open-source license ensures its continued availability for future generations – its inclusion as part of SIL Open Font License 1.1 ensures this.

Text Me One

Text Me One font is ideal for playful designs, offering humanist construction that makes it easily readable with open varying width letters, upper/lower case difference, and slanted stress axis axes; furthermore, it comes equipped with stylistic options including italics and oblique versions for further versatility.

Small x-heights create significant distinctions among letters, enabling you to express extroversion and musicality with this font. The contrast level evokes the sound of a speech synthesizer or opera actress; corner rounding increases tenderness levels from sleeping babies to noisy teenagers; italic and oblique styles can be used for attention-seeking or to convey urgency.

Text Me One was designed by Julia Petretta and made freely available. You may use it for both personal and commercial projects; please read through SIL Open Font License 1.1 before beginning to use this font. If unsure, an online test can help confirm if Text Me One fits your project needs.

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