Tamil Style Fonts TTF Zip Download

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Tamil Style Fonts TTF Zip Download

Tamil Style Fonts can be utilized for creative, modern & professional designing projects on both Windows & Linux systems. Available as Zip files.

Non-Unicode Tamil fonts have long been used as typing fonts since computers became prevalent. When selected from an editor (eg MS Word)’s list of fonts, their characters will appear as English letters.


Bamini is a non-Unicode Tamil font compatible with MacOS, Linux, and Windows that features all 87 characters from the Tamil 01 to 87 series. Installation of this font is quick and simple – simply restart applications that you use after installing to ensure that new fonts will display correctly. If the Tamil fonts do not display as expected after restarting them test if the new ones were recognized correctly by Microsoft Office language editing or Keyman Desktop Professional text Services Framework Add-In.

Vanavil Bamini Font Viewer is a free app designed to allow Android smartphone users to read text written using Bamini and Unicode fonts directly on their phones. With user-friendly navigation and efficient functionality, Vanavil Bamini Font Viewer makes engaging with multilingual content on mobile devices easier while creating an inclusive digital environment.

Downloading and installing the Bamini font for Tamil typing is straightforward and can get you typing right away. Once downloaded, follow the installation instructions provided to install it into your operating system – though this may take time, it will be worth your while as you can type directly in Tamil without needing to switch between keyboard layouts. Furthermore, its versatile use includes posters, social media posts, and website headers – perfect!


SaiIndira is a free font designed to support both Unicode and Tamil scripts. It includes features like reverse transliteration, auto transliteration, and dual-screen support; these capabilities make SaiIndira suitable for use across any platform such as Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or CorelDraw – not only Windows or Android.

As of March 2022, Azhagi supports 45 Tamil font encodings: SaiIndira, Latha, and Bamini fonts are supported. Additionally, these include TSCII fonts for TamilBible as well as STMZH fonts Shreelipi Vanavil Gee_Tamil [LT-TM is same as IndoWord], TAM, Baamini/Tamil Bible/TM-TTValluvar fonts are supported as well as Tscu_SaiIndira Unicode font (cum Tscii font).

Azhagi differs from other software in that it provides only one standard keyboard layout that is used when typing Tamil by default, enabling for fast and accurate input. It also boasts advanced features like auto-transliteration and voice input to speed up this process even further.

Azhagi offers more than just Tamil fonts; we also provide a comprehensive suite of tools and utilities that make using Tamil on your computer effortless. These tools allow you to add/remove keyboards, alter existing key mappings, toggle between languages with custom keys, view/copy text easily from Tamil script editors as well as easily view/copy all characters included within fonts. There’s even a handy character viewer and script editor included! Furthermore, our web page lists every character included within our font!

Noto Serif

Noto Serif SemiBold adds elegance and sophistication to your designs, pairing beautifully with illustrations while being suitable for various creative projects. Available in multiple styles with extensive language support, Noto Serif makes for the ideal typeface choice when creating captivating visuals.

Noto is an international font collection that encompasses Latin, Cyrillic, and other scripts. With multiple italic styles in various widths and weights to suit different widths and weights. Reminiscent of classic fonts but with unique features that set it apart from others like serif fonts; Noto also features symbols not commonly available elsewhere in font collections.

Google and Monotype collaborated to develop this font designed to eliminate “tofu,” the square boxes that appear when missing characters are encountered on devices. It has since been made freely available under an open font license, fulfilling Google’s dream of “no more tofu”.

Noto font family is an essential tool for designers working in multilingual design. Containing letters corresponding to all languages, these fonts allow users to write any language using just one font family. OTF and TTF files are available for download; simply copy and install using Font Book or RightFont on your computer to install these fonts.


LT TM is an exceptional tool for typing Tamil. With features like creating custom fonts and copying/pasting text as well as selecting/editing characters, its easy-to-use interface makes LT TM ideal for both novice and advanced users alike. Available on Windows and Mac OS X platforms for free download and use; further details on its official website.


So, thank you for downloading the latest version of Tamil Style Fonts TTF Zip from this page. We shared the official Tamil Style Fonts TTF Zip Download.

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