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Khand Font Free Download

Khand Font is a monolinear font created for display typography, featuring dynamic forms. Each style adheres to a modular system; providing an ideal balance among shapes that share strong similarities.

Khand was designed by Jytish Sonowal, Sanchit Sawaria, and Satya Rajpurohit at Indian Type Foundry and released under SIL Open Font License 1.1.


Khand is a monolinear font with open counter forms designed for headlines. Its dynamic letterform design has been constructed according to a modular system; lighter styles work best for short paragraphs of running text while its heavier weights excel as headlines and single-word settings.

Khand font is designed with consonantal forms taking up most of the vertical space; vowel marks on top and below can therefore be kept to an absolute minimum to further decrease interlinear spacing. Due to this reduction in space usage, Khand makes for an excellent display application as any unnecessary spaces between lines of text must be eliminated to create effective typography.

Designers of the font also kept its curves relatively short to prevent it from becoming too round or soft – which would be difficult for large sizes of text – while its tall body guarantees legibility at smaller sizes when used for heading text.

The Khand font was developed by Jyotish Sonowal, Sanchit Sawaria, and Satya Rajpurohit of the Indian Type Foundry and was first made available as an open-source family in 2014. Licensed via SIL OFL 1.1 it may be used both commercially and non-commercially.

Open Counter Forms

Khand is a compact monolinear font with open counter forms, making it suitable for display typography such as headlines. Khand’s designers created its letterforms using a modular system where each shape shares commonalities with others to produce a harmonious balance of elements that work in unison to form its overall appearance. Khand’s lighter styles work best when used for running text paragraphs while its heavier weights work best as headings.

Khand was created by Jyotish Sonowal, Sanchit Sawaria, and Satya Rajpurohit at Indian Type Foundry and released as an open-source font in 2014. It features a humanist sans design which employs open counter forms to ensure both legibility and aesthetics.

This family features eight font styles in various weights to fit various designs. Light, regular, and medium styles are suitable for short paragraphs of running text while bold and italic styles work better as headlines.

Khand is available in nine Indian scripts and Latin, with some additional characters available through Google Web Fonts. Devanagari and Gujarati characters were designed by Sonali Sonania and Monika Shah from C-DAC Mumbai’s Janabhaaratii team; this project is funded by TDIL of the Government of India.

Optimal for Display Typography

Khand Font Free Download is an ideal choice for display typography. Its character height is “big on the body,” allowing consonantal forms to take up more vertical space across lines while its vowel mark forms are shorter, both of which contribute to Khand performing better in display applications than fonts with longer marks. In keeping with its modular feel and design aesthetic, this typeface’s components share strong relationships among themselves while being dynamic as a whole.

Other fonts you could test out for this purpose are Amatic, a simple but effective hand-drawn font designed by Vernon Adams for web browsers; Sacramento is a monoline font based on DEC VT323 text often found in college video presentations – making it an excellent option for creating explainer videos due to its easy readability and casual text effects.

Arizona from TypeSETit is an elegant script font inspired by the flowing brushstrokes of sign painters using camel hair brushes. You’ll find this font both here in our font selector and on Google Fonts; its perfect companions would include Sans Serif and Oswald; another serif you may like is Rubik One which features round corners reminiscent of one cubelet on a Rubik’s Cube!

Stylistic Variations

Khand Font Free Download offers designers numerous stylistic variations that give them options for different text effects. Lighter styles are best used with short paragraphs of running text while heavier styles have been optimized for headline use. In addition, this font family also contains symbols, numerals, and accents.

This family is composed of compact monolinear designs with open counter forms. The dynamic shapes follow a modular system, each character sharing strong similarities with others in the group. Ideal for display typography due to reduced interlinear space requirements.

As it features a tall body height, Arial font provides a highly legible and readable font for general audiences, despite its height. Arial is perfect for any design where text needs to be displayed on small screens while its legibility in long texts makes it suitable for newspaper and magazine articles.

Khand is a free and open-source font licensed under the SIL Open Font License v1.1 that is suitable for desktop and web use. You can install it by downloading its font file from Fontsource or using an appropriate bundler tool.

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