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League Spartan Font

League Spartan Font is an eye-catching geometric sans-serif suitable for various designs and applications. Available in eight font weights, its versatility makes it suitable for headers as well as body text.

Combine Brittany font with another handwritten style like Ariel for an eye-catching design that’s sure to draw people’s attention. Additionally, this pairing creates an effective visual separator between bold and regular text sections.


Inspired by ATF’s classic Spartan font, the League of Movable Type designed its version. This modern geometric sans-serif font makes a striking statement in any design project; perfect for logos, posters, and more. Its simple lettering design and clean lines provide a minimalist aesthetic which makes reading small sizes simple.

Envato Elements provides one option for finding fonts similar to Spartan: its subscription-based platform offers access to an extensive collection of fonts and design resources with unlimited download access, such as photos, graphics templates, etc.

Gale is an alternative font similar to Spartan that boasts warm legibility. Perfect for headers and body text alike, Gale comes in three weights as well as italics for greater readability. With rounder shapes and large x-height measurements, Gale makes for an excellent choice in headlines or short bodies of text.


The League Spartan Font is a geometric sans-serif character available for personal and commercial use. With its minimalist design, this font makes an excellent choice for logos, branding, and headlines – as well as print and web designs. Available in multiple styles and sizes for maximum customization of designs – you can even create customized letters and symbols to give your designs their distinct touch!

Visia Pro, a modern sans-serif with nine weights and obliques, can also be found on Envato Elements as a resource for design elements and fonts. An Aceh geometric sans-serif is another excellent alternative that is clean and readable – both features that may come in handy when looking for similar fonts to League Spartan.

Spartan was designed as an American copy of Bauer’s Futura by Mergenthaler Linotype company in 1939. It quickly gained a strong following, being named by Bausch & Lomb as their most readable typeface of its era. Spartan features an elevated x-height and short descenders making it suitable for newspaper ads.

Visia Pro

This geometric font emphasizes the aesthetic qualities of typography, making it a suitable choice for logos, headlines, posters, and other design work. With its clean yet legible style and multiple weights and styles – not to mention being free on Envato Elements! – this font can make an effective statement in your designs.

Qronik created this playful sans serif font with straight lines and precise curves that is ideal for space-themed designs, tech company branding projects, and editorial layouts. Additionally, it serves well as a body text font. The zip file includes capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers punctuation alternates as well as multilingual support.

Visby is an elegant and modern font distinguished by perfect circles, hard lines, and sharp corners. Available in eight weights and obliques for easy reading on body text or headline text alike. The zip file includes uppercase/lowercase characters as well as fractions/ligatures/multilingual support/web fonts in upper/lowercase format for your convenience.


League Spartan Font is a geometric sans-serif typeface created by The League of Moveable Type. This bold yet versatile font offers a versatile style suitable for creating any design project; with both regular and bold italic styles available – making this font suitable for logos, branding projects, and editorial uses alike.

Century Gothic Bold, similar to Spartan in style, can be used for headings and text paragraphs alike. Additionally, it is free for download and can be used both personally and commercially.

The gallant font offers legible and stylish sans-serif font options with three weights and italics. Featuring warm legibility, this font can be used in headers, posters, body text, and customizable headers with its range of glyphs for headers, posters, and body text.


League Spartan Font is a modern geometric sans-serif font designed specifically to work well across many designs. Featuring round bowls and wide apertures for an eye-catching appearance, League Spartan Font can add flair to signage, branding, and editorial projects alike. Plus, its sporty appeal makes it great for fitness, sports, and fashion brands!

League is available in various weights and italics to ensure maximum flexibility and legibility. It creates an engaging reading experience and can be found on websites, apps, posters, etc.

Gallant is another top pick among font families; this soft geometric sans-serif is ideal for text and display purposes, featuring a comprehensive character set complete with ligatures, punctuation alternates, and multilingual support – plus it can be freely used both personally and commercially!


Ageo is a geometric sans-serif font designed specifically to enhance any design project. With its strong structure and geometric form, Ageo can be used in the body text as well as headlines; you could even use it to create beautiful logos and posters!

This geometric font is free for both personal and commercial use, licensed under SIL Open Font License 1.1 which was designed to encourage worldwide collaborative font development projects. You can use it on both desktop computers as well as mobile applications.

If you’re in search of a font similar to Spartan, download League Spartan Font by The League of Movable Type. With eight font weights that make for great header and body text styles multiple languages available and over 300 glyphs included as standard characters set it’s compatible with all major browsers as well.

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