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Heavy Metal Fonts

Capture the power and intensity of metal music with these striking fonts. Perfect for branding, logos, and posters, they add an edged rebellious touch to your designs.

Ideal for rock, heavy metal, punk, and metalcore band logos, this font includes uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, multilingual symbols, and swashes – and it can even be read at small sizes, making it suitable for headlines.

Black Dreams

Heavy Metal music exudes power and dominance. Heavy Metal fonts bring that same sense of power and dominance to your designs – giving them an energetic vibe perfect for posters or band logos.

Here are 5 fonts perfect for metal designs: Black Dreams is an eye-catching font designed specifically to be displayed as part of a dark metal display design, boasting sharp ends and powerful expression. With plenty of ligatures and alternates available to adjust its appearance easily – you can even add swashes for an added dramatic flair!

Daemon is an elegant dark metal font featuring runic elements. Ideal for horror movie posters, album covers, stationery projects, and tattoos alike, Daemon includes uppercase letters as well as multilingual support, swashes, and more!


When designing a metal band logo, finding an appropriate font that expresses its power and energy is key. The black metal font offers just such an option with its dark and mysterious appearance and impressive presence that will help set you apart from competitors. Furthermore, it comes equipped with numerals, currency figures, punctuation support as well as multilingual support features that give this font additional appeal.

This heavy metal font boasts an iconic tattoo lettering style that can be used for projects unrelated to metal music, such as logos, album covers, and movie posters. Its rough edges give the font an authentic rock-n-roll vibe which will resonate with metalheads.

Are you searching for an atmospheric font that exudes dark and mysterious tones? Look no further than this free metal font! Its blackletter roots lend it an undeniably Gothic appearance while remaining adaptable enough for modern styles. Additionally, there are standard ligatures and stylistic alternates to keep things interesting, making this font perfect for horror movie posters, stationery designs, and more!

Bite Hard

Gothic in aesthetic and elongated in appearance, this dark metal font adds an edge to your designs. Ideal for tattoos, horror projects, rock music concerts, and band logos as well as apparel, product packaging, and other creative ideas, it features stylistic alternates, standard ligatures with swashes, and ornamental elements that further accentuate its look.

If you need an intimidating flair in your design, look no further than this powerful death metal font. Combining minimalism and macabre to set the perfect tone, it makes this font suitable for projects related to music – including posters and prints from concerts, concert vibes, and biker wear – as well as logos or branding projects outside the music industry.

Bite Hard is a fierce glam metal album by American band Britny Fox. Packed with heavy guitar riffs, melodies, high-energy drumming, catchy vocals, and memorable tracks such as “Bite Hard” and “Call Me”, this album should not be overlooked! Regardless of your tastes in music – be they heavy or light – this album should not be ignored!


Backbone font will add masculine and gothic characteristics to your designs, making them stand out from the competition. Its distinct style will make your work truly stand out. It includes uppercase letters, numerals, punctuation as well as stylistic alternates and swashes.

Font with medieval-inspired fantasy literary aesthetic. Many bands have taken advantage of its medieval-inspired fantasy literary aesthetic in their lyrics and names; Burzum utilized Gothic uppercase for album art and logos, while Black Sabbath, Dio, and Bathory all used blackletter as primary fonts.

Killviners font offers an aggressive and dominating appearance, perfect for tattoos, posters, or designs that need an edge. It boasts bold strokes with an intimidating appearance for an edgy touch; including uppercase letters, numerals, punctuation marks, and various other glyphs to give your designs an edgy appearance. Plus it comes equipped with multiple styles so you can find one that perfectly complements your design.


Drawn is a hidden object game that became immensely popular during its golden era in casual gaming, when it showed some impressive production values such as a great storyline, excellent graphics, and artistry, as well as fantastic puzzle play. Unfortunately, the game also contained explicit sodomy, nudity, and racism alongside plenty of potty humor that made the experience less than pleasurable for some users.

Unbeknownst to some, hidden object games are computerized computer games where you have to explore living paintings of fairytale worlds by finding objects and solving puzzles to advance.

Drawn is an underappreciated gem in both Norwegian black metal and metal music in general. Their longtime dedication and love of making music shines through with every song on Congregation Pestilence; violent yet dense riffs complement growls perfectly while remaining an integral component. Drawn works well alongside their instrumental arrangements.

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