Black Metal Font

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Black Metal Font

Black Metal Font embodies the rough, uncompromising aesthetic of extreme metal music. With its rough edges and intense underground aesthetic, this font is an ideal choice for creating punk designs, logos, and album covers that bring it all together.

Medieval blackletter has become a hallmark of metal bands from Black Sabbath to Varg Vikernes; from the Gothic-influenced symmetry of Black Sabbath to Varg Vikernes’ papyrus drips. These aesthetic trademarks are revered and mocked by online pranksters alike.


Ankers was created to embody black metal aesthetics and cater to designers and brands looking for a raw, edgy aesthetic. Its rugged yet aggressive design conjures images of chaos and intensity – perfect for music branding, merchandise branding, or gritty graphic design projects. Ankers stands out with its irregular letterforms adding an undeniable appeal while sharp edges create unabashed boldness that’s sure to grab people’s attention. Ankers boasts seamless interoperability by easily connecting to Common Data Environments while validating and populating imported IFC models while offering easy rule definition to ensure proper property delivery – then sharing those results in a comprehensive yet easy-to-filter report format.


Black metal music has its visual language that includes corpse paint and spiky lettering; these symbols not only communicate a band’s message and intent but often appear like demonic scrawlings while others take on more futuristic or otherworldly forms. Black metal also has an ideological underpinning, with many artists viewing themselves as misanthropic Satan worshipers.

Bands in this genre frequently utilize Onerock font, with its bold, blocky appearance and sharp, spikey edges that suggest brutality and death-like qualities. While black metal bands favor it, other subgenres like industrial and doom metal also utilize it.

Many black metal bands also utilize logos with illegible text to reflect their dark themes and antisocial attitudes. It is an excellent choice for black metal band logos as it conveys a sense of mystery and danger while emphasizing how unintelligible their lyrics are; Thermometer Arts’ font for such text works particularly well.


Jotunheim (Old Norse: Jotnar) is one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology and features ancient secrets and arcane wisdom that only those with access to it could understand. Gods often enter Jotunheim for insight or prophecies from its inhabitants or in search of powerful artifacts to acquire.

Jotunheim is home to many creatures besides its formidable terrain; from frost elves and blue dwarfs to their Arctic-related cousins such as snowy owls, polar bears, and dire wolves – as well as being home to more ice elementals than anywhere else on any plane.

Jotunheim is known for its raw, untamed nature that stands in stark contrast to realms like Asgard. Its inhabitants represent chaos that adds depth and complexity to the Norse cosmos; more specifically the Jotnar are more than giants or trolls; they represent nature itself which constantly clashes with the divine order of Asgard; they play an essential part in events like Thor’s hammer Mjolnir being stolen by Thrym.

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