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FF Mark Font

FF Mark is a modern geometric sans that was developed to meet today’s typographic requirements. Boasting ample x-height and consistent wide letterforms, its outlines are easy on the eyes even at small sizes. Furthermore, it comes equipped with alternative characters, texture ligatures, fractions, and stylized alternates that add further dimension and flexibility. So, you can download the latest version of FF Mark Font from below.


Hannes von Dohren and Christoph Koeberlin set out with one goal in mind when designing FF Mark: to craft a modern font that does more than merely echo historical geometric designs. Instead, this typeface offers modern typographic applications by featuring figure set options, text ligatures, fractions, and stylistic alternates – as well as designed glyphs that pay close attention to details – such as all rounded dots being present within its font itself – along with many additional characters such as arrows, euro sign, lozenge mathematical symbols as well as lowercase alternates that make it ideal for use across complex documents or multilingual settings.

Contrary to some geometric historical models, the FF Mark varies significantly from other geometric historical models by not conforming to capitalize monumental proportions and instead represents wide letter shapes in a comfortable ratio with its x-height. This makes the font legible at smaller sizes while having an overall balanced look; additionally, it doesn’t include as much stroke modulation compared to some of its historical counterparts.

FF Mark is an exceptionally flexible and comprehensive typeface, featuring ten perfectly weighted weights from Hairline to Black. Additionally, there is a book-style text editor as well as numerals – making this font suitable for advertising, film and TV advertising, editorial branding logo design as well as software screen and gaming environments.


FF Mark Font is a modern sans serif created by Hannes von Dohren and Christoph Koeberlin of the FontFont Type Department with creative input from Erik Spiekermann in 2013. It is designed using a contemporary geometric style that is well-suited to film, TV, editorial, branding, logo, packaging music nightlife software gaming as well as web and screen design applications. Features 10 weights from Hairline up to Black along with matching italics – with amazing features such as ligatures alternate characters case sensitive forms fractions super and sub scripts together with full figure sets featuring old style figures with both tabular widths for maximum flexibility when designing web and screen designs.

Capital letters of this font differ significantly from Roman letters in width, ratio, and legibility at smaller sizes. Furthermore, its italics feature simple geometric forms which harmonize with Roman characters.

FF Mark stands out from other contemporary geometric styles by not including any rounded designs; therefore it works best with sharper, cleaner shapes. Additionally, its range of weights – from slim Pro Thin to condensed Narrow Heavy – and book-style text appearances make FF Mark an excellent option for traditional text appearances. Furthermore, its pan-European character set allows it to support international communications seamlessly.


FF Mark Font is a contemporary geometric sans serif, boasting ten perfectly tuned weights from Hairline to Black and a Book style for text setting. Furthermore, its family features carefully designed cursives as well as various numeral sets including old-style figures with lining features – as well as providing users with access to extras tailored specifically to its characteristics and aiding their designs.

FF Mark was created by German type designers Hannes von Dohren and Christoph Koeberlin with input from Erik Spiekermann of the FontFont Type Department. First released in 2013, this large font provides a modern interpretation of classic German geometric sans serifs; its large X-height makes reading text easier than some other geometric sans serifs; its large X-height also allows easier text reading than some geometric sans serifs; therefore making this font ideal for advertising, film and TV advertising, editorial use, branding logos music nightlife software gaming screen design software gaming screen design as well as web design projects.

This font comes packed with an abundance of typographical features, such as alternative characters, ligatures, texture ligatures, fractions, stylistic alternates, and superscript/subscript characters. In addition, there is a complete figure set supporting old-style and lining numerals in tabular and proportional widths as well as small caps to emphasize words or distinguish them from lowercase letters in text.


FF Mark Font is a modern geometric font, perfectly suited for many applications. Its large family includes ten finely tuned weights spanning from Hairline to Black as well as book style text setting and various figure sets such as old style figures and lining figures, stylistic alternates, ligatures, and fractions – not forgetting its special feature that allows umlaut characters in capital letters without visual stretching or disrupting grey value!

This striking geometric sans serif was inspired by classic German typography while meeting today’s communication needs. Created by Hannes von Dohren and Christoph Koeberlin with Erik Spiekermann of FontFont Type Department’s support, FF Mark has an especially large x-height which makes it an excellent choice for smaller text sizes and its carefully planned round forms have been balanced to create an aesthetically pleasing impression.

This contemporary sans serif font is ideal for advertising, film and TV projects, editorial usage, branding logos packaging as well as web and screen design projects. Additionally, its legibility makes long texts legible even in small sizes; all languages using the Latin alphabet can use this font family while its Pan-European character set offers support for all major writing systems of Europe including Cyrillic.


So, thank you for downloading the latest version of FF Mark Font from here. We shared the official FF Mark Font to download for free.

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