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Andika Font

Andika Font Download Free is a Sans Serif font designed specifically for literacy use. Featuring easily discernible glyphs that make reading accessible for beginning readers. This font includes characters from Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, IPA Extensions, and Cyrillic languages.

SIL International grants permission for anyone to utilize, study, copy, merge, embed, modify, and redistribute. This font software in its Original or Modified Versions provided that any Reserved Font Names are not used by derivative works.

Sans Serif

Andika Font Download Free is an informal serif typeface created to resemble handwriting. Making it suitable for use in wall displays, social media post logos, and crafty DIY projects. In addition, Andika offers many colors and styles so your designs appear authentic. You can even create custom gradients to add personal flair!

Andika font was originally designed to support literacy programs, with carefully differentiated letters to aid reading. Even when some letters appear similar. Their different characteristics help prevent confusion that might otherwise hinder new readers and make reading simpler and more enjoyable for beginners.

Andika supports more advanced OpenType features that are useful for customizing numbers and letter shapes to local preferences. It is compatible with multiple writing systems and boasts a comprehensive character set for those that use rare symbols.

Andika can be downloaded for free from SIL’s website along with several other free fonts under its Open Font License 1.1 license, which promotes the worldwide development of collaborative font projects and provides a framework in which fonts may be improved through community efforts. You will find trademark notices and license statements located in both human-readable headers or machine-readable metadata fields within text files that make up this font software package.


Andika font was designed specifically to teach people around the world to read. It features less complex forms and supports advanced OpenType features that adapt number and letter shapes according to local preferences. This font is suitable for use with numerous writing systems in Africa, Asia, and Europe – not only for literacy-minded users but visually impaired ones as well.

This font is free for you to download and use. With its casual yet playful aesthetic, this font makes an excellent addition to branding projects and logo designs. Housewares designs, or text overlay on photos – feel free to share any projects created using it with us!

Andika font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license was designed to foster the worldwide development of collaborative font projects while supporting academic and linguistic communities in creating fonts. Under this agreement, derivative fonts must be released under identical licensing terms while keeping their names unchanged.

Names of copyright holders or authors cannot be used to endorse, promote, or advertise any Modified Version without explicit written approval from both. This restriction includes both primary font names as well as reserved words within it.


Andika is a sans-serif font designed specifically to address literacy needs. With its forms tailored specifically for beginning readers in mind. The font features clear letterforms that won’t easily get confused with each other. Advanced OpenType features allow easy ligature creation; and support for IPA transcription. Full diacritics support is included as well as reduced character sets for smaller file sizes. Plus there is even an available Basic font version that contains fewer characters but remains legible enough.

SIL’s Non-Roman Script Initiative (NRSI) created this font to serve as an alternative to many of the standard serif and sans serif fonts used for teaching reading in literacy programs worldwide. It can be freely downloaded and customized using NRSI’s TypeTuner Web service for further personalization.

This font software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. Users have permission to study, copy, merge, embed, modify, and sell modified and unmodified copies subject to certain conditions:


Andika Italic font is an enjoyable design feature that works beautifully in logos, branding materials, social media posts, crafty DIY projects, and text overlay on images. Be sure to share any designs made using it so others may gain inspiration!

Andika stands apart from Andika New Basic by offering a more extensive character set, including all Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek characters as well as ligatures, diacritical marks, and symbols. Though some differences do exist between their metrics and forms between families, efforts have been taken to minimize any discrepancies.

This update brings an italic version of the Andika font as well as language-specific features. It includes ligatures and other linguistic options. In addition, nine-level pitch contour support will be phased out and replaced with a standalone font in future updates. Although compatible with existing documents containing Andika. It changes to some glyph widths may cause reflow issues when using some documents that use Andika.

These fonts are OpenType-enabled and support many of the features defined by Unicode Type 1 specification. However, home applications or operating systems may not support all features; please consult the documentation for details.

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